Incredible Stories. Incredible Interaction. Real Reading.

Making true readers out of the Youtube and gamer generation

Beyond the Page blends advanced holographic technology with tried and true interactive storytelling so readers can practise focused attention on reading while being excited by the digital bells and whistles.

We all know reading is an activity needed to connect deeply and learn. It's time that kids returned to the pure joy of a good read.


Each book come with special augmented-reality holograms that do not need an app to see.

Many endings

Incredible dangers and treasure await the avid reader. Will you succeed or meet an untimely demise?

Push Your Luck

Holographic dice let the reader risk it all.

Reading is fundamental, and fun.

Beyond the Page books are released monthly, young readers in the family will want to collect them all.

Engaging stories, every month

Keep on the lookout for our upcoming new series, called "Real Heroes", focusing on real men and women who risk it all to keep us safe.

Incredible Illustrations

Will you live with fabulous riches, or will you succumb to danger ? Only YOU can decide.

Augmented Reality

Find XR experiences throughout your reading experience.

Read and Re-Read to Discover Hidden Treasures

Challenging but Fun Reading

Children and teen readers will find new words and challenging stories

Dozens of Endings

Readers will be able to revisit the plot and make many different choices.

Hologram Achievments

Who knows what amazing treasures will be found?